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While cavities are a widespread oral health problem among children, with a comprehensive program of preventive care, the professional team at the office of Pravathi Pokala, DDS & Associates can help to keep your child’s smile cavity-free from the start. As skilled and experienced providers of dentistry for kids 92111, we recommend bringing your child in twice a year for teeth cleanings, examinations and treatments to reduce their risk of cavities. We help your child feel comfortable throughout every checkup, and strive to make our office a fun and relaxing place for your child to visit.

Studies show that by the age of 17, 78% of children will have had a cavity. Cavities are caused by the buildup of plaque, which is a sticky film that gathers continuously in the mouth, harboring bacteria that feed on sugar. To prevent cavities, it’s important for your child to brush and floss as well as limit their intake of sugary foods and beverages. A complete and effective oral hygiene regimen also involves bringing your child in for periodic professional teeth cleanings and examinations. A teeth cleaning allows us to thoroughly remove plaque from areas between the teeth and gums that are too difficult to reach with a toothbrush. Education is also an important component of dentistry for kids 92111 and we take the time to teach your child how to brush and floss most effectively at home. For an added layer of protection against cavities, our dentists recommend periodic fluoride treatments and the application of dental sealants. Fluoride is a mineral that once applied to the surfaces of your child’s teeth helps to strengthen the tooth enamel. And, when your child’s permanent molars erupt, we also recommend placing dental sealants. Dental sealants are protective coatings, applied to the biting surfaces of the back teeth, to prevent plaque and food debris from gathering in the deep grooves of these teeth. Dental sealants are proven to reduce the risk of cavities in children’s molars by up to 80%. At every checkup, our dentist will also provide a precise, gentle examination to monitor the health and development of your children’s smiles as they grow.

At Pravathi Pokala, DDS & Associates, we make dentistry for kids 92111 a positive, stress-free experience for both you and your child. With fluoride treatments and dental sealants, we can prevent cavities and help your child maintain a healthy, beautiful smile. To learn more or to schedule an appointment, call today.

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